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Thanks for stopping by! This is where I share a bit about me and keep you all informed on what is up and coming!

TIDBIT ABOUT ME: I am a humanitarian at heart and deeply passionate about people. Specifically, I my passion draws me to help people who seek relief and healing from trauma. From my experiences, I can easily gather that people do not benefit from being put in a any other box than the one labeled “human”. All other labels are arbitrary as they create an atmosphere for individuals to be devalued by one another. I believe in doing my wholehearted best to be present in the moment, live with intentional authenticity and love unconditionally.

ACTIVISM: In addition to my personal everyday beautiful chaos that includes being a mother and wife, I hope to make an impact on my world through activism and humanitarian efforts. I am driven to improve my world for the better by my deep compassion and care for humanity as well as the memory of my own difficult experiences. My activism is currently laser-focused on Cannabis reform and education. Here in Texas, Legislative Session is open and that means busy business for activists and individuals who desire the laws that govern Texas to match the desires of the citizens of Texas. The United States as well as Texas State laws need to evolve and allow patients access to the medicine they need. International research & development in this area have provided a plethora of evidence to support Cannabis as medicine. I plan to be a part of seeing and documenting this reform through to the end. Join me and together we can break the stigma and normalize Cannabis as medicine across Texas and The United States.

NEWS: In my upcoming blog (set to launch in the late spring of 2019) I will cover stories of patients, providers and businesses who are actively involved in the Cannabis reform movement across the world. I will also chronicle my experience in the activist community and include information on Cannabis events and ways that you can participate in progress and education.

Stay tuned!!!